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Overcome travel fears - Holiday offer.

Sweaty palms ... upset tummy ... heart feeling like it's leaping out of your chest?  If this happens when you think about flying, then you are one of the 20% of people who have aerophobia. But when do your particular symptoms begin - when air turbulence hits, earlier when you hear the jet engines roar or further back as you enter hustle and bustle of the airport?  For others, the paralysing fear can begin even before tickets are booked, preventing long awaited holidays and causing family and work problems.  

Sometimes a person's holiday difficulty lies elsewhere  - when it's time for holiday jabs. With trypanophobia or needle phobia, the trembling patient sits in the doctor's waiting room, flicking nervously through the tattered magazines, dreading the moment their name is called.  

These are only two of the phobias that people experience around holidays and travel; there are so many more. But don't despair, hypnosis can be an incredibly effective therapy for fears and phobias.  So whatever frightens you about travelling, why not contact me and have the holiday or travel you deserve.