Fears and Phobias

What grips you with terror?

More than 10% of the population report having a phobia. For some, it’s the Dentist (odontophobia), for others snakes (ophidiophobia). Most people can understand these examples but what about if what makes your blood run cold is koumpounophobia, an exotic-sounding word, but the technical term for the surprisingly common fear of buttons.

A fear or phobia can focus on absolutely any object or activity. Often, whilst the terror feels very real, at the same time, it seems irrational too.  Phobias arise at any stage of life, affecting both children and adults.  Some phobias affect both such as nyctophobia (fear of the dark).

Sufferers can go to great lengths to avoid their particular feared object or activity and so phobias can really impact on their work, school and home life and relationships. For example, caligynephobia  is a little known phobia of being with a beautiful woman and haphephobia is an extreme fear of being touched.


Perhaps your own fear seems illogical or perhaps embarrassing to you. Hypnotherapy can help you or your child overcome it and get on with life.


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