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Win the weight-loss battle.

Are you fed up trying the latest diet fad, bored watching what you eat, feeling deprived or finding it difficult to cut-down? Perhaps having others criticise your shape is getting you down or you've been advised to lose weight for health reasons.  Maybe you just want to feel more confident, motivated and energetic?

Hypnotherapy could be the key to a slimmer, healthier, more active you.

Right now, much of the population is wrestling with the idea of going on a diet, reluctantly starting one, or are in the middle of one.  Others have given up trying. It's easy to talk ourselves out of the idea altogether - "I've got kids so there's always biscuits in the house" or some other familiar phrase.

Why can conventional dieting be so hard and have such a high failure rate? After all, we've made the decision to lose weight and we all know to do this we should eat less sugary and fatty foods, drink less alcohol and take more exercise.  So, if we know all this, why do we set out with good intentions, only to lapse into familiar (or even worse) eating patterns?

The answer lies in our powerful unconscious mind - the part that controls our habits, desires and underlying emotional needs. Our unconscious makes decisions that seem to come out of nowhere, where we find ourselves having done something but don't remember doing it.  How many people automatically reach for the biscuit tin when making a cup of tea?

Family messages and instructions issued years ago can still play a very strong part in maintaining our eating patterns.  How many of us were told to 'Eat up because there are children starving in Africa'? Many adults remain faithful to these types of messages; but now they may have become translated into "Pass me that last sausage - it's a shame to waste it"

Over-eating can also be a way of coping with feelings such as unhappiness, boredom, anger and loneliness.  Some ignore the 'satisfaction signal' that comes with having eaten enough but for others, it's food choices that are the problem.

In essence, eating too much falsely satisfies the unconscious mind (for a while) rather than the body's need for nourishment.  Only humans show this trait; you never see an overweight lion trying to lumber after an antelope.

Hypnotherapy can provide a sustainable and long-term solution to losing weight by helping you:

 chieve more control

Make healthier food and drink choices

Enjoy eating healthy food

Re-set your mind to recognise when you have eaten enough

Say 'No thanks' to excess

Develop a new outlook and relationship with food and drink

Change the role food plays in your life

Recharge your resolve and determination to succeed

With hypnotherapy, you no longer need to fight with yourself over food, feel hungry, crave or endure deprivation. By carefully assessing your individual situation, my approach provides a weight-loss treatment programme that will be tailored uniquely to you.

Imagine the pride you will feel when you have achieved success and the rewards this may bring you. For further discussion and information about how hypnotherapy can help you lose weight, call or email me.